Today I went to school, took a test, came home, did my homework...

And got a cool new logo that Loren Crisp made for me. Thanks Loren!! The one Matthew made for me was kind of lame. I guess he's better at fixing things then at art.

BY THE WAY, speaking of Matthew, he wrote that about himself under his picture. Now he'll be mad that I told you! Ha ha!
Now I have to go play soccer.

Oh, and if you didn't vote yet, please vote.

Sorry this is short.

Oh, James the Intern (the chipmunk) is so cool! He likes sunflower seeds. I forgot to feed him today though.

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4 Response to "Today"

  1. Camilla, I don't think you are, but TCMan is under the impression that your Sydney Shiotani (voice of Camilla Parker). Are you?

    Camilla says:

    Original Joe, I wish I could say that I am. Sydney is AWESOME and so much fun. But I'm just Camilla. :)

    Please set one more thing straight. Now he thinks your Hope Levy. Are you? If your just an Odyssey fan, please say you are or else this could go on for ever.

    Camilla says:

    NO WAY! I'm not Hope Levy. I'm not an AIO actor. I'm just Camilla :) And I love being on the best reality radio show EVER!!! ("And that's all you will get out of my sweet little character" :) OM Author)

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