6 days of school left

That's right! And guess what--today is "teacher professional enhancing day" or something. That's wierd--we're almost done with school anyway.

So sorry I haven't posted. I've been really busy. And my parents (already) want me to spend less time on the internet.

They also want my blog to be helpful. So here is a verse I learned. It reminded me of Dexter. "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." At first I didn't like the part about "the Lord takes away." But then I thought about Dexter. It makes more sense now.

One more thing: James the Intern (the Chipmunk) has babies! So, now I can't tell which one is James, and which one is Liz the Librarian (that's the mom). But they have four babies and they're SO CUTE! They come and eat seeds off our back steps. Their tales wave around like little flags in the grass when the run. One of them ran up into a tree! Today I'm going to sit real still and see if they come get the food while I watch them.

Mr. Whitaker found someone to adopt Sherman. I wanted to adopt him, but...I wasn't allowed. The Ceiling Fan was right about Mr. Whitaker getting rid of the dog. But Focus on the Family didn't ask him too. And he didn't get mad. So you can't believe everything you hear.

Well by!

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11 Response to "6 days of school left"

  1. Agent 3XQ says:

    How do you know that those chipmunks aren't part of a bigger plot? In fact...Tiny bugs might be planted on those chipmunks. Someone might be listening and watching everything you say and do. The next thing you know you'll find cameras in books and your family could end up in the witness protection program. The whole while this evil guy has a plan to rule the world with his team of mutant rabid flying squirrels!! He'll stop at nothing.

    This is exactly the kind of thing I love to see in an Odyssey blog! I love how you write about your real life and how you named your chipmunks after Odyssey-related characters. Keep up the great work!

    Camilla says:

    Okay Agent 3XQ, your cover is blown. I've heard of you, JARED!!!

    Thanks Christian A.!

    Agent 3XQ says:

    D'oh.....My name isn't Jared. It's Agent 3XQ! Anyway..Be weary of the flying squirrels!

    Camilla says:

    @Agent 3XQ: so you just won't admit it? Well, that's okay. If I find a camera in a book you will be the first to know.

    Agent 3XQ says:

    Doubtful huh? Well for your sake, let's hope I'm wrong.

    TCman says:

    Hey this is cool Because a cuple of weeks ago we saw baby hamsters too. Or whatever they are. Gunea pigs or chipmunks or something.

    I know who you are Camilla. I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! are you the girl that the authors made camilla off of? Do you no nathan hobler? Cuase you said "i'm just camila" or something like that. So i think that's what you must mean. You are so cool. what is it like to have a charcater built off of you?

    Lydia says:

    TCman, I think you need to give it up and assume that that this blog is just written by another Odyssey fan. Or you could believe that Camilla Parker really does exist. Besides, who cares who writes it, it's a really cool blog anyway.

    @ Lydia: I can just guess what you voted in my latest poll. : )

    @ TCman: Seriously, you do need to let it go. She's just an awesome writer who is trying to convince you that she is the real Camilla Parker. You are being a little gullible.

    Marvin says:

    Boy, oh boy Agent guy! This is awesome! ;)

    @TCman: Seriously, you ARE being gullible. She's an awesome fan and an awesome writer (though underneath myself I pretend that she could be her). Tim, don't you get the point?!

    Camilla says:

    @TCman: Yes, you don't get the point. Just enjoy it and don't ask questions. But thanks for being interested!

    @everyone else: thanks!

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