My Life Last Week

First: Matthew posted on my blog.  :(

Tests at school.  I think I did okay, but I'm really SLOW at Math.
Soccer.  We won!  Afterwards we had ice cream at Whit's End.  Connie was trying to get Whit to let her cut his hair.  He didn't.

School.  I decided to stay really still on our back porch with seeds in my hand and see if the chipmunks would come to me.  But it took FOREVER and they wouldn't come.  After five minutes I gave up.

Olivia tried to write a song on the guitar.  Muy mal.  I wore earplugs. 

My ears were sore.  The last day of school!  We had a field day and I won the sprinting race.  Then some friends came over and we played soccer.

We got a package from my Aunt Rosalita, with a thank you note, pictures from her honeymoon, and some Mexican candy that is Mom's favorite.  I still like Snickers better.  Mom was very surprised.  

Sunday School and church.  Mr. Whitaker taught about the parable of the sower.  And I quoted my 20th verse:  "And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6  I like that verse.  "He" means God, and that is neat that He is doing something good in me.

We are having a fiesta tonight.  Well, just grilling out.  But I think the Jones are coming over, and Red.  Other than that I can do whatever, so I am writing this blog.  

We get to hear samples from the next album, from the Odyssey people.  I hope I don't sound too weird!

And now a tribute to my wonderful loving brother: [I.E.: I HAVE BEEN HIJACKED]

oOkaaaaay....I did NOT write the post I just found below. MAAATTHEEWWW!!!! He is either being a pest, or just mean.

He is such a great guy that I don’t think anybody could ever compare. Every time he goes about to fix something, that something turns out better than it began. He’s just that good. He’s not annoying in the least bit. Neither is he loud, obnoxious, whiny, or rude . . . ever!!!! I love that big guy. What an awesome brother to have. He’s strong and handsome, too. Too bad I don’t have more brothers, but now that I think about it none of them would compare.

Thanks for being such an awesome brother. You, shall we say,rock!!!

Oh, and he’s ultra-smart, too. Just saying!

Not that he's NOT cool and everything. Whatever. "Mi hermano, me tu eres coducinando loco!" or something like that.

6 days of school left

That's right! And guess what--today is "teacher professional enhancing day" or something. That's wierd--we're almost done with school anyway.

So sorry I haven't posted. I've been really busy. And my parents (already) want me to spend less time on the internet.

They also want my blog to be helpful. So here is a verse I learned. It reminded me of Dexter. "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." At first I didn't like the part about "the Lord takes away." But then I thought about Dexter. It makes more sense now.

One more thing: James the Intern (the Chipmunk) has babies! So, now I can't tell which one is James, and which one is Liz the Librarian (that's the mom). But they have four babies and they're SO CUTE! They come and eat seeds off our back steps. Their tales wave around like little flags in the grass when the run. One of them ran up into a tree! Today I'm going to sit real still and see if they come get the food while I watch them.

Mr. Whitaker found someone to adopt Sherman. I wanted to adopt him, but...I wasn't allowed. The Ceiling Fan was right about Mr. Whitaker getting rid of the dog. But Focus on the Family didn't ask him too. And he didn't get mad. So you can't believe everything you hear.

Well by!


Today I went to school, took a test, came home, did my homework...

And got a cool new logo that Loren Crisp made for me. Thanks Loren!! The one Matthew made for me was kind of lame. I guess he's better at fixing things then at art.

BY THE WAY, speaking of Matthew, he wrote that about himself under his picture. Now he'll be mad that I told you! Ha ha!
Now I have to go play soccer.

Oh, and if you didn't vote yet, please vote.

Sorry this is short.

Oh, James the Intern (the chipmunk) is so cool! He likes sunflower seeds. I forgot to feed him today though.

Answering what you said

James: you do not sound like a chipmunk.

TCman: I clicked to follow your blog. You guys are so funny!

Original Joe: you are weird :) Olivia says to you, "One never know, do one?" I don't know, it doesn't make sense to me.

Christian A. (what does the A. stand for?): I don't get to keep the chipmunk, just put out food for him (I'll tell you more later). And besides, Dexter did die, but he lived for a little while! I talked to a friend of mine who tried to take care of a baby bird, and it died the first night!

Tim: I am glad you know what a muchacha is.

Marvin: thank you. No, Matthew is doing okay right now. Except every time I log in, I find something new! Maybe I should change the password.
Oops, time to go. Talk to you later!

Post 2


Thanks everyone for leaving nice comments, and posting about me on your blogs.

Okay the first thing is:

my Mom actually isn't Spanish. I thought she was! She is Hispanic, which is different, I guess.

The Second thing is:

"Heather" was right--the proper way would be to say, "La Muchacha de Odyssia", or something like that. But I like it better the way I chose. Mom says that when you mix English and Spanish, it's SPANGLISH. So, I guess I'm Spanglish too.

The Third Thing is:

I have a PET!!! Well, it doesn't really belong to me, but I call it my pet. There is a chipmunk that lives under our patio. I saw it this morning. And Mom says I can put out seeds and things for it to eat! His name is James the Intern and he's SOOOO cute. The good thing is that if he dies, it won't be my fault (unless I feed him POISON, which I won't). I'm going to feed him right after I get home from soccer.

So that's all!

Oh, except the last thing (number four) is that you should ask me questions, if you have any.



Hi everyone! I'm Camilla Parker. I'm really excited because I've been reading all the Odyssey blogs, and I thought, "Hey! We need a blog from someone in Odyssey!" Since I can't have a dog :-( I guess I'll have to have a blog.

My parents told me I could start a blog, so I did. Of course, they have to read everything too, since really your not allowed to have a blog unless you are thirteen. And I still have to be sure to do my school and chores. So I am not allowed to promise how much I will write. But I will write whenever I can!

And Matthew is helping me! (Thanks Matthew!).

I'm really excited and I hope you all like to read this. Now I have to go do some of Matthew's chores...

Talk to you later!