Answering what you said

James: you do not sound like a chipmunk.

TCman: I clicked to follow your blog. You guys are so funny!

Original Joe: you are weird :) Olivia says to you, "One never know, do one?" I don't know, it doesn't make sense to me.

Christian A. (what does the A. stand for?): I don't get to keep the chipmunk, just put out food for him (I'll tell you more later). And besides, Dexter did die, but he lived for a little while! I talked to a friend of mine who tried to take care of a baby bird, and it died the first night!

Tim: I am glad you know what a muchacha is.

Marvin: thank you. No, Matthew is doing okay right now. Except every time I log in, I find something new! Maybe I should change the password.
Oops, time to go. Talk to you later!

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7 Response to "Answering what you said"

  1. What did I say that was weird?

    I love the direction this blog is going. It's already becoming one of my favorites. I will be reading it often.

    My name is Christian and the *A.* stands for Alexander. Click on my name to see my complete profile.

    Camilla says:

    Original Joe: ha ha. I like to call people weird, that's all :)

    Christian Alexander: that's cool! Thanks :)

    Tim says:

    Yep! I do! I took over 3 years of spanish in High School so I do know sporadic words here and there. I am not fluent in it by no means. LOL!

    Marvin D. says:

    Nice, Tim! Ah, that's a nice idea! What team are you on the Odyssey Coyotes? How's Whit been doin'? Tell him Marvin dropped by and said hey. :)

    Camilla says:

    Marvin, what is a nice idea?

    Camilla says:

    @Marvin: Whit says "Well Hello", and that the next time you stop in your ice cream is on the house. He's okay.

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