Con mas palabras de espanol (I can't figure out how to get the little squiggly thing above the n)


So today I thought I would throw in a few Spanish words here and there and see if you can figure out what they significa.  Mom says the grammar isn't all correct, and some of the spelling might be off--that's Spanglish for you.

Let's see...

The nueva album sounds really cool.  I'm glad the Odyssey personas didn't put in any of the REALLY embarassing stuff.  I call it reality radio, but the shows aren't completely true to vida.  For example, they included  all the clips of Eugene running from the birds, and that really cool mariachi band that played in our front yard, in album cincuenta y uno.  Some stuff that didn't make in into the album would be Olivia's fights with Mom about the peanut mantequilla and gum (you don't want to know), or Connie tripping and knocking the Mayor into the fountain.  Stuff like that; and even more that I can't even mention if I want to grow up to be a famous footbal player someday--or even if I want to grow up at all!  If something doesn't help the story they want to tell, they don't include it.  Of course, Matthew's voz is changed just a little bit.  It sounds a little lower.  Who knows how long he'll last on the show.  Poor muchachos--they always lose their AIO voice parts when they grow up!

In other news, I'm so excited about the "Ventilador del techo" people showing up here any day.  Matthew especially wants to meet Phil, Ethan, and James the Intern.  How many semanas do you think it will take them to find us?  We could just tell them, but that would ruin all the fun.  

Gracias for voting in the last poll, but it didn't work.  When the poll was closed I went to my padre and said, "Dearest Father, how may I assist you today?  I want to do whatever makes YOU happy."  HE said, "Well, thank you very much Camilla.  You can help me by weeding the garden.  BUT: we still are not going to Bermuda."  He had seen the poll.  Dad's are muy inteligente.  

So we're not going to Bermuda.  But I would still like to know where YOU are going to take your vacaciones

Until the next time I get bored enough to escribir...