Why I'm glad a blog can't die

See, I TOLD you when I started that a blog would be safer for me to have than for me to have a pet.  Because I can get bored with it and forget about it for a while and it doesn't die!  Of course, I didn't just get bored...

Things I've done since the last post:

-I've seen an elk.
-I've eaten black bear meat--it was pretty good!
-Saw a sign for "rat cheese."  Don't ask.
-Walked in a bamboo forest.
-Went over a waterfall, three times, but only fell in twice.
-Ate fudge
-Watched a really cool outdoor play with some neat dances
-Named my chipmunks' babies: Beth the Barbarian, Wooton the Basset, Connie the Awesome, and Stephen the Comedian.  They were cute.  But now they are growing up so I don't see them as much anymore.

So you have to guess where we went on vacation!  

I saw the poll results.  Whoever is going to ALASKA needs to tell me all about it.  That would be so cool.  And sorry for those who are having vacation at home.  And even more to those going NOWHERE.  But my mom says that NOWHERE can also say, "Now Here".  Vacation isn't where you go, it's what you do and who you are with, and feeling happy about it.

So if you can't go anywhere and even if your parents can't plan anything fun, you could plan something fun for them.  What are some of your ideas?  Post them in the comments.

That's all!


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3 Response to "Why I'm glad a blog can't die"

  1. Tim B. says:

    You went to Disney World didn't you?

    Camilla says:

    Haha! Close.

    Tim B. says:

    Camilla are you ever gonna come back?

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